Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Website opening!
Welcome to my new site!
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"Kirkos", Kirk's artistic alias, is a long-time Leucadia resident and committed community art personality. I transform the tidal shore line into my canvas of sand. Part of my art is designing special ergonomic tools that achieve the desired berm and texture effect. My tidal or sand art, for which “Kirkos” is best known, is dramatically executed at Beacons, Swamis, and Stone Step beaches in Encinitas. The forms I draw are geometric in nature, such as the ancient religious labyrinth design, originally a walking meditation. Kirkos draws, creating patterns of great scale and beauty which utilizes the grand natural canvas of the ebb tide sand. The observers, especially the children, are drawn into the center of this archetypical art. From a distance, perspective demonstrates its unique principles. One cannot view the whole from only one perspective. Various patterns of relationships are discovered with his geometric experiments. On the most fundamental level of drawing lines on the sand, the viewer can perceive interrelationships and metaphorical connotations of these one hundred foot shapes and patterns.

Kirkos, is inspired by such notables as Andy Goldsworthy, Escher, and Christos. Because of the proximity of his working location the beach, to the many tourist and fans are guided to the take a further look at his photographic work at the near by Off Track Gallery located on Leucadia Blvd and coast high way 101..

Kirk Van Allyn has long been interested in applied mathematical design and engineering. He has traveled all over the world. First in his navigational work on the tracking ships for the Apollo space shot. latter with Scripps Institute of Oceanography and then with other private marine design/engineering companies. He also worked in aerospace design.

"KIRKOS" comes from a mathematical dictionary. It means "circler" in Greek and small "circus" in Latin this term perfectly describes his beach art.

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